The Scars, Street Art Painting - 0220

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The Scars, Street Art Painting - 0220

"The Scars" is street art created using multiple layers of acrylic paint, paper, and ink in a collage-style on stretched canvas.This portrait painting was created from Jones's original portrait photography taken in a renovation building she was designing at the time. 

"My model Dustin was an invigorating subject to shoot. As hard as he looks on the outside, he’s actually relaxed and funny. He has both masculine and feminine qualities which contributed to me getting a variety of shots with different characteristics, allowing for original and interesting art pieces to form."

This is a hand-signed piece with a certificate of authenticity. Abundant sharing will go to the iiilibervive foundation that helps support local + faire trade designers and artisans.

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H: 48"

W: 36"

D: 1.5"

Shipping is included. Unframed pieces will ship in 3-5 business days. Framed pieces have a 5-6 week lead time.