Shou Sugi Ban Burned Black Stumps - 2121

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Shou Sugi Ban Burned Black Stumps - 2121

Originating in 18th century Japan, shou sugi ban is a particularly striking method of preserving wood by charring it with fire. Traditionally, this practice is used with Japanese cedar in order to weatherproof it. The wood is burned until the surface is charred, and then coated with natural oil.

These are handmade from our family to yours! See how we do it here.

Our stumps are now kiln dried! This process helps with major cracking, moisture issues, and bugs!

These Shou Sugi Ban Burned Black Stumps are made in the heart of Ohio with locally sourced red cedar. The stump can be used for a side table, a stool, or grouped together for a coffee table. Each stump is made from a solid trunk of red cedar and each is hand sawed, sanded, and burned until completely charred. They are then sprayed with a clear commercial grade finish. These can be burned fully or the tops left raw to expose the beautiful red cedar color. Every part of the process is handled with care - even the bark is hand chipped and sanded to honor the unique markings of each tree. Note: These are REAL tree stumps. Natural movement and cracking is normal. These are all slightly different in character and they may vary in size - No two pieces are exactly alike. Each size and color can be done in our indoor finish or more durable outdoor finish. Our team and clients absolutely love these.


1. Please unpack your stump immediately and leave it out of any packaging. These are real pieces of wood and need to breathe!

2. The shou sugi ban finish is delicate. We try our best to put an extra thick coat of finish on the product, but we will not be held liable for damages on walls or furniture if finish chips exposing black.

3. For OUTDOOR stumps : Though these are kiln dried and the wood can be used outdoors, sometimes when they arrive in different climates, humidity levels adjust and can affect the finish on top. We see this more often in direct sunlight. We do our very best and continue to make sure there are no issues, but we can not control climate. Solid wood and the elements are unpredictable and we will not be liable. The great thing about these logs is you can always sand them down and refinish.

4. Wood naturally moves. These are solid pieces and for that reason, they are prone to cracking. You may get more cracks or bigger cracks in the first few weeks as the wood acclimates to its new home and climate.

5. These stump tables have nylon glides (feet) underneath not only to make them easier to move around (they are heavy!), but also so there is nice air flow to the wood. The air flow is most effective on hard flooring. If you put these on rugs or carpeting, we suggest checking on the underside of your stump periodically to prevent any issues.

6. We are not liable for any damages to property or people. If you have any concerns or questions you need to discuss, please write or call. We are always available, honest, and transparent about our products. Thank you and I hope you love these!


Period/Model: New; Organic Modern
Specs: Red Cedar, Commercial Grade Finish


H: 15", 18", 21"
W: 11" (give or take)

*This listing is for our "normal" diameter stumps, the smallest diameter stumps we offer. We have medium and large sizes as well.* Contact us for pricing on our sculpted stumps like the "Summit" shape in this listing!


15" : $300 + $50 Shipping

18" : $335 + $50 Shipping

21" : $350 + $50 Shipping 


These cutie-pies ship FedEx. From the time of purchase, please allow 2-3 weeks for production. Shipping time varies dependent on location.