Paul McCobb Gentleman's Chest for Calvin Furniture : Irwin Collection

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Designer: Paul McCobb.

Manufacturer: Calvin Furniture.
Period/Model: Mid-Century Modern.
Specs: Walnut, Brass.


This Paul McCobb gentleman's chest for Calvin Furniture : Irwin Collection is in good original condition. The brass has tarnishing / oxidation with age (we like the original wear). The wood is in very good condition for its age and does show well. There are normal imperfections with age (dings, nicks, etc). The doors do not sit perfectly flush in the front and sit a little uneven most likely due to expanding and contracting of the wood over the years. The mirror in the vanity section has a lot of blemishes over time (hard to picture), we did not anything special on the mirror to get them out. Overall the piece is beautiful and really has held up well and was lovingly taken care of the last 60-70 years. It is a beautiful piece of McCobb in original condition.


H: 35.5 (90.17cm).
W: 34.25 (87cm).
D: 36.75 (93.35cm).


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