"Grace", Gold Abstract Painting

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"Grace", Gold Abstract Painting

A B O U T T H I S P I E C E :
“Grace” is a piece created by letter art inspired by graffiti by Addison Jones featuring her unique text previously featured in her portrait art collection. Each painting is produced using all the same method but unique in its own way. Addison previously utilized text to create texture and depth in her portraits. After realizing the impact of her text, she decided to feature them singularly in a new collection titled ALL CAPS. This painting is all done using gold paint and hand etching into it.

All of Addison's text in her paintings are her journal. She uses it as an artist expressions and does not read them afterwords because it is a release for her. She comes from a graphic design background and loves using text as a texture.

This is a hand-signed piece with a certificate of authenticity.

“I am someone that needs structure to create. The fundamental structure of the paintings have always started with a portrait. Next, I would add text to created depth. through the response of my clients, I started noticing how impactful the text was on my pieces. This evolved into this graphic, raw, style of art. When thinking about the material I wanted something modern and organic to create a nice juxtaposition.”

D I M E N S I O N S:
H 48 in x W 60 in x D 1.5 in

Framing options:
black / white
Custom framing options available for all sizes with increased price and lead time.

S H I P P I N G:
Framed pieces have a 6-7 week lead time.

Addison Jones is a world class photographer and mixed media artist based out of the Midwest. Jones uses her street art and mixed media style to portray models from her own modern portrait photography. The result culminates in moody, sensual, and contemplative mixed media art focusing on the humanity of the subject. Each of her pieces are original works. Addison is known for layering her own photographs into complex street art and using the written word as a subtle texture feature. She utilizes silver and gold leaf, acrylics, and custom paints, including color changing, to add layers upon layers as she goes. In the end culminating in a piece that is viewed as a complex whole. She begins each piece with a photograph from her own portfolio, and then free flows through each element, drawing inspiration as she works. She often says that her style often leads to mistakes, that later become some of the best parts of the piece. She was once quoted, “Most of the time I am like “welp, don’t like the way that looks” and don’t care if I mess up, so then I do something and I like it and then I’m like ” I love this piece,“” as each piece shifts and changes throughout the process.

Addison is a commissioned artist with experience all over the world. For commissioned pieces she will fly to shoot photography on location and then work with the client on a mixed media art finished product.