Catawba Black Leather Rocking Chair - 2302

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Catawba Black Leather Rocking Chair for Craft Associates

This Catawba Rocking Chair for Craft Associates® Furniture are expertly crafted. The sides tables are constructed from solid hardwood by hand, not machine. The oak is then shaped by artisans and finished with a commercial grade matte black finish.

This piece was designed by Laura Trenchard as an introduction to the Catawba Collection and inspired by a nearby coastal town, Catawba Island. Catawba has miles of beautiful and dramatic shorelines, with vivid winter whites and dark darks. The deep graining of the oak side tables mimic the rugged nature of the fierce and rocky shoreline terrain; Durable, resilient, and versatile.

Craft Associates® Furniture is proud each piece is made in the US. We strive to craft a product that will stand the test of time. We use the best materials and have the best craftsmen in the business. We stand 100% behind our product.

All pieces are available in Walnut, Maple or Oak with additional exotic woods available at request.

designer: Laura Trenchard

Manufacturer: Craft Associates® Modern Furniture
Period/Model: Modern

Specs: Solid Oak, Matte Commercial Grade Finish, Leather


H: 44.5
W: 24.5
D: 33.5
Seat H: 20
Seat W: 19
Swat D: 20
Arm H: 27
Paw H: 30.5