Amplified Voice, Street Art Painting - 1923

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Amplified Voice, Street Art Painting - 1923

“Amplified Voice” is a piece of graffiti art by Addison Jones featuring her unique text previously featured in her portrait art collection. Addison previously utilized text to create texture and depth in her portraits. After realizing the impact of her text, she decided to feature them singularly in a new modern collection.

All of Addison's text in her paintings are her journal. She uses it as an artist expressions and does not read them afterwords because it is a release for her. She comes from a graphic design background and loves using text as a texture.

“I am someone that needs structure to create. The fundamental structure of the paintings have always started with a portrait. Next, I would add text to created depth. through the response of my clients, I started noticing how impactful the text was on my pieces. This evolved into this graphic, raw, style of art. When thinking about the material I wanted something modern and organic to create a nice juxtaposition.”

This is an original, hand-signed piece with a certificate of authenticity. Abundant sharing will go to the iiilibervive foundation that helps support local + faire trade designers and artisans.

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