Alaska Modern Wood Sofa in Oak - 1403

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Alaska Modern Wood Sofa in Oak - 1403

This modern sofa is expertly crafted and upholstered. Each sofa boasts hand cut high-density foam and high grade commercial fabric. The sofa's frame and base are constructed from hardwood by hand, not machine. The walnut base is then shaped by artisans and finished with a hand applied oil OR commercial grade finish.

Craft Associates® Furniture is proud each modern sofa is made in the US. We strive to craft a product that will stand the test of time. We use the best materials and have the best craftsman and upholstery in the business. We stand 100% behind our product.

The price reflects a COM price (client's own material). If you provide the fabric, there is no additional charge for upholstery.

 "… the term "Modern" in interior design really refers to "Mid Century Modern". It is recognizable by it's clean, unadorned interiors. Use of natural materials such as wood, leather, teak and linen are prominent. Molded plywood and plastic is very popular in modern furniture, as well as polished metal. Furniture is very open and raised off the floor allowing for an airy feeling. Walls are often white adding to the expansive feeling. Modern interiors generally have bare floors and if area rugs are used, they are typically wool, and neutral in colour. Hints of colour were used in moderation…" - Relish Interiors Blog

designer: Vintage Catalogue (Craft Associates, Inc.)

Manufacturer: Craft Associates® Furniture
Period/Model: Mid Century Modern
Specs: Walnut (oil finish), Hardwood Frame, High Grade Commercial Fabric
Yardage: 10 Yards, 9.2 Meters

**Please note, if the fabric has a repeating pattern, extra fabric is required**



H: 28   (71.12cm)
L: 102   (259.08cm)
D: 34.5   (87.63cm)
Seat Height: 15   (38.1cm)
Seat Depth: 23.5   (59.69cm)
Seat Length: 102   (259.08cm)


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We are very proud to have partnered with and Carter Inc. to bring these products to market.

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