Craft Modern Dining Table - 1409

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Craft Associates® Modern Dining Table - 1409

This modern dining table is expertly crafted. The table is constructed from hardwood by hand, not machine. The walnut is then shaped by artisans and finished with a hand applied oil OR commercial grade finish.

Craft Associates® Furniture is proud each piece is made in the US. We strive to craft a product that will stand the test of time. We use the best materials and have the best craftsman in the business. We stand 100% behind our product.

All pieces are available in Rosewood or Macassar for additional cost. 

"Modernism is a movement that began in the late 1800's and ended approximately in the early 1970's. It broke away from the heavily ornate and dark furniture that was typical of the day. According to "Preservation" Magazine, modernists were "intrigued" by the emerging technologies--concrete, glass and steel. The work rejected the ornamentation of Victorian and art nouveau styles. "Their work was both spare (think of Mies, famous dictum "less is more") and lyrical, wrote Supid Bose in the magazine June 2008 issue. "Perhaps above all, they believed in function dictating form"…" - eHow

designer: Vintage Catalogue (Craft Associates, Inc.)

Manufacturer: Craft Associates® Modern Furniture
Period/Model: Mid Century Modern
Specs: Solid Walnut


H: 28.75   (73.03 cm)
W: 48   (121.92cm)
D: 48   (121.92cm)
Glass Thickness: 3/8   (1.4 cm)


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