Tree Stump Table for Bertu Home - 12111701

$ 150.00


Product Details

This tree stump table is made in the heart of Ohio with locally sourced wood. They can be used for a side table or a stool. Each table is hand-made with a solid trunk of red cedar with a white-wash finish. Color can be customized! Our team absolutely loves these - the perfect accessory to any room. Note: These are REAL tree stumps. Natural movement and cracking is normal. These are all slightly different in character, variations of size, etc!

designer: Gretta Jones 

Period/Model: New; Modern Rustic
Specs: Cedar, Whitewash 
Customizable: Yes! It's what we do :)


H: 15", 18", 21"
W: 11" - 14" (give or take)


15" : $150

18" : $175

21" : $200


These cutie-pies ship FedEx. From the time of purchase, please allow 2-3 weeks for production. Sometimes these are quick ship -- contact for options! Shipping time varies dependent on location.

Please contact for more accurate quotes.

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