Large Tree Stump Side Tables for Bertu Home - 1319 - Whitewash

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Large Tree Stump Side Tables for Bertu Home - 1319 - Whitewash

These stumps are handmade from our family to yours! Our stumps are now kiln dried! This process helps with major cracking, moisture issues, and bugs!

These tree stump tables are made in the heart of Ohio with locally sourced wood. They can be used for a side table, a stool, or grouped together for a coffee table. Each table is hand-made with a solid trunk of red cedar with a whitewash, espresso/black, or natural commercial grade finish. Note: These are REAL tree stumps. Natural movement and cracking is normal. These are all slightly different in character, variations of size, etc! Our team absolutely loves these - the perfect accessory to any room.

1. Please unpack your stump immediately. These are real pieces of wood and need to breathe!
2. Wood naturally moves. These are solid pieces and for that reason, they are prone to cracking. You may get more cracks or bigger cracks in the first few weeks as the wood acclimates to its new home and climate.
3. These stump tables have nylon glides (feet) underneath not only to make them easier to move around (they are heavy!), but also so there is nice air flow to the wood. The air flow is most effective on hard flooring. If you put these on rugs or carpeting, we suggest checking on the underside of your stump periodically to prevent any issues.
4. We are not liable for any damages to property or people. If you have any concerns or questions you need to discuss, please write or call. We are always available, honest, and transparent about our products. Thank you and I hope you love these!


Period/Model: New; Modern Rustic
Specs: Red Cedar with Black, Whitewash, or Natural finish


H: 15", 18", 21"
W: 14" - 16" (give or take)


15" : $300

18" : $350

21" : $400

** Quick ship available!**


These cutie-pies ship FedEx. From the time of purchase, please allow 2-3 weeks for production. Shipping time varies dependent on location.

Shipping not included - please contact for accurate quotes!

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