Bronze Coffee Table - 1603 for Craft Associates® Furniture

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Product Details

designer: Craft Associates®

Manufacturer: Craft Associates® Furniture 
Period/Model: Mid Century Modern
Specs: Cast Bronze, 3/4" glass


This Modern Bronze Coffee Table - 1603 - for Craft Associates® Furniture is expertly crafted. The base is constructed by artisans who hand-weld and hand-patina each piece. The top is 3/4" glass with a standard 48" diameter, but the base can accommodate a much larger piece of glass.

Craft Associates® Furniture is proud each piece is made in the US. We strive to craft a product that will stand the test of time. We use the best materials and have the best craftsman in the business. We stand 100% behind our product.


H: 15.5 (39.37cm)
W: 48 (121.92cm)
D: 48 (121.92cm)
Glass Thickness: .75 (1.905cm)

H: 14.75 (37.465cm)
W: 43 (109.22cm)
D: 43 (109.22cm)


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